Garlic is a big natural food with many health benefits. Garlic actually belongs to the onion and leek family. If you have warts, you can cure them using garlic. Sound farfetched? It’s a lot cheaper than the commercially sold wart treatment!

Warts are caused by a virus called HPV or human papilloma virus. They can grasp many forms, and once you are infected by the virus it will never go away, but the virus can be dormant for years.

How does garlic cure warts? Garlic has both antibiotic and antimicrobial properties. Garlic has been extinct for a long time to fight a variety of ailments. Eating plenty of garlic is a good step towards maintaining good health; however, if you are taking any prescription drugs, you should be careful that the garlic and the medicine don’t interact with each other. Garlic can thin the blood, and so should be restricted prior to surgery or near the end of a pregnancy.

Cut a clove of garlic in a thin piece, and using a band aid or medical tape, put it directly on the wart. I found it easiest to do this at night. It should be attached well enough to stay in place all night. Continue to put garlic on your wart for several nights in a row, until the wart is gone. You should see a reaction within a few days. It may speed the reaction if you lightly file the top of the wart.

Care should be taken to apply the garlic only to the wart itself. Some people have experienced burns from garlic touching the bare skin for a prolonged period. If you feel any pain from using the garlic, you should quit using it.

You may also inaugurate to smell like garlic, but this is temporary. Once you have stopped using the garlic to cure your warts, the smell will fade and then completely go.

I don’t recommend using garlic to cure warts in very young children. Children may have difficulty communicating discomfort. Children also have more sensitive skin than most adults. If you are concerned about your child having warts, ask your pediatrician for advice and treatment. There aren’t any health risks typically associated with having warts, so taking a wait and see advance is the safest with young children.

I am not a doctor. I have personally used this device to cure warts, and have never seen a wart in the several years since. Use your judgement when trying any herbal remedies.

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